Sunday, March 13, 2011

February & into March

Hello everyone!! I have left February behind me and am half way through March. In February we had Angelina come to live with us for about a month. For those of you who did not know her she is Kendra's 16 year old friends who was placed with us by Child protective services while she was waiting to go to New York to live with her dad. We will miss her, but we talk often!!

On Feb 11th my Aunt was put on Hospice. She has been fighting Breast cancer for 13 years, and the stongest person I know. I got a tatoo for her. She is fond of faries, and I drew one and had the artist touch it up!! Here is the work

On March 6th we had Emmie's 11th Birthday which the poor girl had to be late to. She was at her Cheerleading compettion. Her team placed 1st and we had to start with out her, but she soon came and we had alot of fun. Her actual birthday was March 9th!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY!!!!

Lastly, Tyler had some wrestiling matches, a band conert (which I have to upload the video for) & Basketball & Emmie's Cheerleading Pictures!!

Tuesday, February 01, 2011


"Happenings in January"

At the beginning of Jaunary (6th) Our oldest daughter Kendra turned 17. It's so hard to imagine my little girl is so grown up and soon with be an adult. She is a beautiful young woman and very smart. I may get aggravated and sometime angry with her, but she is a great kid, and I love her unnconditional with all my heart.

We have had quite a few snow days, which mean kids = no school = MOM a big fat head ache. So we went to the park and played in the snow one day.

Tyler has had wrestling, Emmie's indoor soccer started, Basketball...and so much keeping us busy :)

My mother had her 5th birthday too!!!!

Stay tuned for February :)

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Wow......A Year has went by

Wow, I hadn't realized it has been an entire year since I blogged last. Alot has happened too!! So I am going to breifly udpate and then I WILL Update once a month. To be honest I really hadn't updated because I didn't think anyone was following.

So, my last post was about Kendra's sweet we are a year later and today is her 17th birthday.It is so hard to believe that she is almost an adult. We have had our share of up's and down's but she is a great kid!!!! She is in 11th grade and has a job, which she has been at for almost a year. She is learning how to save money (for a car), be responcible in a work place (Mc Donalds), The value of money (or lack of from spending to fast), and has a greater understanding I think for life :)

Emmie turned 10 in March and in October Tyler turned 13, making me a parent of 2 challenging teens.

In April we were reunited with my adopted sister Amy, AKA Becky. She moved here from Texas and her other family. We were very excited to see her after soooo very long.

In June we went to Flordia. Emmie danced at Disney World and we got to go this time as a family. We had a great time, but it wore everyone out.

In September Bryon & I went to Las Vegas to attend my little brother John's Wedding. Congrat's John & Michelle!!!!

Emmie is a very fun and active 10 soon to be 11 year old and wants to part of EVERYTHING! She dances, plays Soccer, has been in a program called girls on the run, plays basketball and just wants to do it all.

Tyler is in the 7th grade, and plays the tuba for the Jr. High Band. He plays Basketball with a local youth group, and is your average 13 year old boy. He has sprouted up to 5'9" and wears a bigger shoe than Bryon.

Kendra is as I said 17, stays busy with work, friends and school. She is in a program called upward bound threw the University to encourage she go to college after High school.

Bryon & I have been married 11 years in 2010 and look forward to a great 2011. I will post again soon!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Kendra's Sweet "16"

On Wednesday January 6th, my oldest child turned 16. Little did she know that we had a surprize party planned for her. She was told that on Friday evening my aunt was taking her out to a special birthday dinner. So I bought her a new dress, tights, & shoes.
Low and behold Friday again no school and she had to spend most of the day at my Aunt's house so that I could run all over picking up balloons,cake,food & supplies to complete this party. We rented our local Rec. Center Building where they have a gym, and a few rooms (classrooms as they call them). No food allowed in the gym. I had 2 hours to set up. When I arrived the DJ, yes I said DJ was already there and setting up. I was so afraid the weather was going to make them unable to make it. Talk about stress......Ok so where was I....
The Menu consisted of various finger sandwhiches, and some tortilla rollup sandwhiches my girl friend brought (Thanks Michelle) 2 different Chex mixes, a fruit & veggie tray, cookies, mints, and complete with a punch fountain. At almost 7:30 my aunt called me and pretended to be talking to the place about her reservation to let me know they were there. They led her in blindfolded and brought her to the center of the room. Lights on & Yelling...."SURPRIZE"
She was so dumbfounded she couldn't even speak, all she managed was "WOW" Then friends led her to the other room where she discovered the DJ and they danced, and we played limbo, and it was just a great night. Happy Birthday Kendra!!! We love you!!
PS: It's difficult to shove 30 balloons into the back of a mini van on a snow covered windy day :o)

Friday, January 01, 2010

My Kids
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Long time no post, & Welcome 2010

Ok, so yeah I know....I haven't posted a blog since forever (July) but I guess most of what happens I keep people updated on Facebook and I don't think I have anyone (so I think) reading my blogs. However..... I am going to recap the rest of 2009 and maybe blog more in 2010. Maybe get a few followers too :o)

July: I turned 31, and I did not like it. I have never been bothered by my age, but for some reason 31 bothered me. It's ok though I am over it and um like I have any choice right :/

August: After a long summer of kids fighting they went back to school!! Kendra 10th grade, Tyler 6th grade (Jr. High), & Emmie 4th.

September: Bryon & I went on a cruise to the Bahama's! Just the 2 of us to celebrate our 10 year mark (Which occured in June). We had a great time, and loved the R&R (Rest & relaxation)

October: Tyler turned 12

November: We headed out west (Cali & Az.) for a suprize visit to most of our families. We had a family road trip, and surprized lots of people who didn't know we were coming. We spent a wonderful Thanksgiving at my sisters with my dad and lots of family. We had lots to be thankful for!!

December: Chirstmas, and with that came lots of happenings. We baked, and the kids were in the parade, we went to the speedway in lights and had a feast with our family, & the realatives that have moved to Tennessee to be with us here. Bryon & I also took a night without kids and drove to Greenville (South Carolina) and saw Jeff Dunham. He is a great comedian!!!

So now.....we move into 2010, and I hope everyone has a great year, and that great things will happen for each and everyone. I am going to promise myself (& my readers) to blog at least once a month!!! Plus try to get some pictures to update everyone as things happen :o)

Saturday, July 04, 2009



Durning the month of June, our family had many happenings! The first adventure we did was, our family went to the Knoxville Zoo. We took Jenny (my niece) with us. It's about a 2 hour drive from our house. It was alot of fun looking at all the animals and just spending the day together. We had a visit from my best friend Alisa. She flew in and stayed a week with us. We had a BBQ up at the lake with family & friends in her honor!! However it was one of the only days we didn't get rain that she was here. It rained every day after that untill she flew back home to California!Here is a slide show with pictures of the zoo and her visit!

Also there was Father's Day!! So big hugs to all the daddies!!!
I miss mine soooo much!

Also Emmie got to attend Camp Ta-Pa-Win-Go for 5 days. It's a Church based camp where they learn all kinds of verses and have fun all week long. I missed her. She went on a zip line and swam and made new friends. She even came home with a rash :(
I have no clue what it was, but it's gone now :)
Tyler will be attending July 6th-10th!

On June 17th, I lost my grandmother on my dad's side. May she find no more suffering and rest in peace. It is very hard for me in this time to be so far away and not be able to be in California with the rest of my family. I am glad that my dad told her I loved her and hugged her for me before her passing. I wish I could have been there at her home to see all the family gather and be with everyone. However I know everyone knows how much I wanted to be there. I LOVE YOU ALL!!!


(The last Christmas Eve we spent with her)

Also Bryon & I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary on June 25th. We are going to the Bahama's in September for some much need R&R, however we did go grab dinner and a movie. (thanks mom for keeping the kids) I would like to post 10 reason I still love this great man!!

1.) He is the love of my life
2.) He is great provider, not just finacialy, but in all area's
3.) His arms fit perfect around my shoulders
4.) He is a great dad to our children
5.) He is always happy
6.) We enjoy each other's company
7.) We hardly ever disagree
8.) This 10 years was easy and hardly seemed so long
9.) He is a hard worker & good at the things he does
10.) I love the way he loves ma and looking forward to 10 more!!!

I love you Bryon!!!!

I think that's all........untill July

Monday, June 01, 2009

~*May's Mayham*~

So I have decided to try and post once a month for those who follow our family. I did post a you tube video from Emmie's Recital prior.Did ya watch it??

Ok So on May 1st I went with Emmie to a field trip to the Aquarium of the Smokies. We had fun seeing all the differnt aquatic life. I had a small group of 3 kids and we had a buffet lunch with lots of yummy food. On May 11th, Tyler had a field trip to Dollywood. He went with Bryon, and my step father (gpa). They had alot of fun, and Bryon's a group of the rowdy boys, poor Bryon! Needless to say though not to many pictures.

On May 15th the 5th graders got to have there first school dance with the other city 5th graders as a celebration of moving on to Jr. High. He was oh so handsome. They grow up way to fast.

It's a bit silly here I think that our city has the kids go to school on Memorial Day. However, Bryon and I took advantage. The 2 of us, since he had the day off, and the school. We went for a hike. Laurel Falls. It was beautiful, and my legs protested for days!!

Next came Birthdays!! My step dad's and my husband's are the day after one another. The 25th and 26th, so We celebrated together. Just easier!! Bryon turned the big 3 oh....

I don't have pictures but on May 27th the kids officaily finshed school untill the Fall. So now I have Kendra entering 10th, Tyler onto 6th, and Emmie headed to 4th and a long summer ahead of me.

The last happening of the month....I am the president of a local animal rescue group. We are barely hanging on because of lack of members and foster homes. I did an interview with a local newspaper and we did a car wash to help raise funds.We managed to make $93

Instead of posting all the pictures, I made a slide show for your viewing pleasure, Stay tuned for the happenings of June!