Monday, January 11, 2010

Kendra's Sweet "16"

On Wednesday January 6th, my oldest child turned 16. Little did she know that we had a surprize party planned for her. She was told that on Friday evening my aunt was taking her out to a special birthday dinner. So I bought her a new dress, tights, & shoes.
Low and behold Friday again no school and she had to spend most of the day at my Aunt's house so that I could run all over picking up balloons,cake,food & supplies to complete this party. We rented our local Rec. Center Building where they have a gym, and a few rooms (classrooms as they call them). No food allowed in the gym. I had 2 hours to set up. When I arrived the DJ, yes I said DJ was already there and setting up. I was so afraid the weather was going to make them unable to make it. Talk about stress......Ok so where was I....
The Menu consisted of various finger sandwhiches, and some tortilla rollup sandwhiches my girl friend brought (Thanks Michelle) 2 different Chex mixes, a fruit & veggie tray, cookies, mints, and complete with a punch fountain. At almost 7:30 my aunt called me and pretended to be talking to the place about her reservation to let me know they were there. They led her in blindfolded and brought her to the center of the room. Lights on & Yelling...."SURPRIZE"
She was so dumbfounded she couldn't even speak, all she managed was "WOW" Then friends led her to the other room where she discovered the DJ and they danced, and we played limbo, and it was just a great night. Happy Birthday Kendra!!! We love you!!
PS: It's difficult to shove 30 balloons into the back of a mini van on a snow covered windy day :o)