Sunday, March 13, 2011

February & into March

Hello everyone!! I have left February behind me and am half way through March. In February we had Angelina come to live with us for about a month. For those of you who did not know her she is Kendra's 16 year old friends who was placed with us by Child protective services while she was waiting to go to New York to live with her dad. We will miss her, but we talk often!!

On Feb 11th my Aunt was put on Hospice. She has been fighting Breast cancer for 13 years, and the stongest person I know. I got a tatoo for her. She is fond of faries, and I drew one and had the artist touch it up!! Here is the work

On March 6th we had Emmie's 11th Birthday which the poor girl had to be late to. She was at her Cheerleading compettion. Her team placed 1st and we had to start with out her, but she soon came and we had alot of fun. Her actual birthday was March 9th!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY!!!!

Lastly, Tyler had some wrestiling matches, a band conert (which I have to upload the video for) & Basketball & Emmie's Cheerleading Pictures!!


Tracy Marie Jones said...

looks like you guys are doing well been thinking about yall!! Contact me soon or email me!! Loves