Friday, January 01, 2010

Long time no post, & Welcome 2010

Ok, so yeah I know....I haven't posted a blog since forever (July) but I guess most of what happens I keep people updated on Facebook and I don't think I have anyone (so I think) reading my blogs. However..... I am going to recap the rest of 2009 and maybe blog more in 2010. Maybe get a few followers too :o)

July: I turned 31, and I did not like it. I have never been bothered by my age, but for some reason 31 bothered me. It's ok though I am over it and um like I have any choice right :/

August: After a long summer of kids fighting they went back to school!! Kendra 10th grade, Tyler 6th grade (Jr. High), & Emmie 4th.

September: Bryon & I went on a cruise to the Bahama's! Just the 2 of us to celebrate our 10 year mark (Which occured in June). We had a great time, and loved the R&R (Rest & relaxation)

October: Tyler turned 12

November: We headed out west (Cali & Az.) for a suprize visit to most of our families. We had a family road trip, and surprized lots of people who didn't know we were coming. We spent a wonderful Thanksgiving at my sisters with my dad and lots of family. We had lots to be thankful for!!

December: Chirstmas, and with that came lots of happenings. We baked, and the kids were in the parade, we went to the speedway in lights and had a feast with our family, & the realatives that have moved to Tennessee to be with us here. Bryon & I also took a night without kids and drove to Greenville (South Carolina) and saw Jeff Dunham. He is a great comedian!!!

So now.....we move into 2010, and I hope everyone has a great year, and that great things will happen for each and everyone. I am going to promise myself (& my readers) to blog at least once a month!!! Plus try to get some pictures to update everyone as things happen :o)


Tracy said...

Girl I know it seems that no one reads your BLOGS & it can get discouraging, but they do.. More than you think.. I love blogging ..It makes me feel good ..So I do it for me more than anything!! But hey I am now one of your followers!! Hope you guys have a Happy New Year & I look forward to reading your Blogs!!