Monday, June 01, 2009

~*May's Mayham*~

So I have decided to try and post once a month for those who follow our family. I did post a you tube video from Emmie's Recital prior.Did ya watch it??

Ok So on May 1st I went with Emmie to a field trip to the Aquarium of the Smokies. We had fun seeing all the differnt aquatic life. I had a small group of 3 kids and we had a buffet lunch with lots of yummy food. On May 11th, Tyler had a field trip to Dollywood. He went with Bryon, and my step father (gpa). They had alot of fun, and Bryon's a group of the rowdy boys, poor Bryon! Needless to say though not to many pictures.

On May 15th the 5th graders got to have there first school dance with the other city 5th graders as a celebration of moving on to Jr. High. He was oh so handsome. They grow up way to fast.

It's a bit silly here I think that our city has the kids go to school on Memorial Day. However, Bryon and I took advantage. The 2 of us, since he had the day off, and the school. We went for a hike. Laurel Falls. It was beautiful, and my legs protested for days!!

Next came Birthdays!! My step dad's and my husband's are the day after one another. The 25th and 26th, so We celebrated together. Just easier!! Bryon turned the big 3 oh....

I don't have pictures but on May 27th the kids officaily finshed school untill the Fall. So now I have Kendra entering 10th, Tyler onto 6th, and Emmie headed to 4th and a long summer ahead of me.

The last happening of the month....I am the president of a local animal rescue group. We are barely hanging on because of lack of members and foster homes. I did an interview with a local newspaper and we did a car wash to help raise funds.We managed to make $93

Instead of posting all the pictures, I made a slide show for your viewing pleasure, Stay tuned for the happenings of June!