Saturday, July 04, 2009



Durning the month of June, our family had many happenings! The first adventure we did was, our family went to the Knoxville Zoo. We took Jenny (my niece) with us. It's about a 2 hour drive from our house. It was alot of fun looking at all the animals and just spending the day together. We had a visit from my best friend Alisa. She flew in and stayed a week with us. We had a BBQ up at the lake with family & friends in her honor!! However it was one of the only days we didn't get rain that she was here. It rained every day after that untill she flew back home to California!Here is a slide show with pictures of the zoo and her visit!

Also there was Father's Day!! So big hugs to all the daddies!!!
I miss mine soooo much!

Also Emmie got to attend Camp Ta-Pa-Win-Go for 5 days. It's a Church based camp where they learn all kinds of verses and have fun all week long. I missed her. She went on a zip line and swam and made new friends. She even came home with a rash :(
I have no clue what it was, but it's gone now :)
Tyler will be attending July 6th-10th!

On June 17th, I lost my grandmother on my dad's side. May she find no more suffering and rest in peace. It is very hard for me in this time to be so far away and not be able to be in California with the rest of my family. I am glad that my dad told her I loved her and hugged her for me before her passing. I wish I could have been there at her home to see all the family gather and be with everyone. However I know everyone knows how much I wanted to be there. I LOVE YOU ALL!!!


(The last Christmas Eve we spent with her)

Also Bryon & I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary on June 25th. We are going to the Bahama's in September for some much need R&R, however we did go grab dinner and a movie. (thanks mom for keeping the kids) I would like to post 10 reason I still love this great man!!

1.) He is the love of my life
2.) He is great provider, not just finacialy, but in all area's
3.) His arms fit perfect around my shoulders
4.) He is a great dad to our children
5.) He is always happy
6.) We enjoy each other's company
7.) We hardly ever disagree
8.) This 10 years was easy and hardly seemed so long
9.) He is a hard worker & good at the things he does
10.) I love the way he loves ma and looking forward to 10 more!!!

I love you Bryon!!!!

I think that's all........untill July